Transport is easy&cheap
in Valencia
Metro, Taxi, or Bicycle are the best options, but walking around City Center and Ciutat Vella (Old Town), is a must. Enjoy the architecture, the street art, drink an horchata, or have some tapas. Relax, you are in Valencia.

Transport is easy and cheap in Valencia compare with other European cities. You have different options like Taxi, Metro, or even Bicycle. If you are coming for a few days, forget about the Bus, you don´t have that much time, bus is stopping in every bus stop. Metro/Tram is a great option if your destiny is in it´s way, but Taxi is really fast and quite cheap (minimum 4€ during day, and 6€ during night) when the metro line is not in your way.

Very easy and cheap to go from the Airport to the Villa, and also to go from the Villa to the City. Remember, COLON Station is “your station”. Walking  is the best option to go around City Center and El Barrio del Carmen (Old Town). Valencia has an amazing architecture, street art, and really nice streets to walk around, Keep Calm and Enjoy it. Don´t hesitate to take a Taxi to move from City Center or Old Town to the Beach Area, it is the best way to do it.

…metro is perfect from the Villa to the city. Walk around Old Town. Taxi is fast and cheap from City Center to Valencia Beach Side.
Round Trip Airport-JuanHouseValencia

by Bus
If you are more than 15 persons, then it´s worthy to rent a bus to come from and go to the Airport/Villa.
Let me know. I can book it for you.

by Metro
Price around 6€/person, 40 minutes.
Take whichever metro is in the airport station. If the destination is “RAFELBUNYOL”, It will go direct to the villa. Otherwise, remember to switch in COLON station and wait for the one that goes to “RAFELBUNYOL”. Remember, YOU HAVE TO STOP in “POBLA DE FARNALS” station.

by Taxi
Also, by taxi, 20 minutes, around 35€/taxi/4 persons from airport to the villa.
(If the taxi driver is using google maps, look for Juan House Valencia).

How to get to Valencia City from JuanHouseValencia

by Metro
3 Minutes walking from the villa there is a Metro station (LINE 3). Takes you to Valencia city center, COLON Station, in 20 minutes. 10 trip Bono 11€ (1€/trip). You can buy it in any station.

The main station in the city and also, the closest to Barrio del Carmen (Old Town) is COLON Station.
I also recommend to stop one day in ALAMEDA station which is by the Turia River Gardens.
You can check the Metro Schedule.
Metro from Valencia is always the one to “RAFELBUNYOL”. Stop in “POBLA DE FARNALS”

by Taxi
My favorite company is RadioTaxi +34963571313 .
Takes 15 minutes from/to city. Around 25€/taxi/4persons.
Call them, and taxis will be by the villa in 20-30 min.
It´s Worthy to get back home if you are tired or metro is over (closes around 23.00 Metro Schedule).
Tip: From the Villa to the Malvarrosa or Patacona Beach, in the city, 15 minutes, around 25€/4persons/taxi.
Tip: Make sure you are serious with the reservation, or they will stop sending you taxis.

How to get to the Beach

To Malvarrosa or Patacona Beach by Metro (35 min)
Go to “BENIMACLET” Station (20 min from the Villa), and get up to take the Tram to the beach (15 min). Remember to “tic” your card again to take the Tram. Drop off in “EUGENIA VIÑES” Station (beach). Around 2 €/each. Metro Schedule.

To Malvarrosa or Patacona Beach by Taxi (15 min)
Call RadioTaxi +34963571313 . Takes 15 minutes from the villa to the Beach area in Valencia city. Around 25€/taxi/4persons.

To Pobla de  Farnals Beach by Bus (10 min)
The bus stop is in front of the BAR DORA, 100 meters from the villa. Takes 10 minutes to the local Beach.
Nice area. You will find a cozy harbor, lots of bars & restaurants, and a very nice and quite familiar beaches.
Tip:bus only during summer season July – September.

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