All you need around the Villa

things around the villa

Imagine you’ve already arrived at the villa and left your suitcase in your room…  and now, what´s next?
I know you are in a hurry to jump into the pool, or visit Valencia, but no rush, that will come.
To get to Valencia city is easy by subway (station is 3 minutes walking straight ahead from the villa), but first…



3 minute walk from the villa you find MERCADONA supermarket, where you will find everything you need (A troller is waiting for you at the villa to help you carry the stuff).
If you prefer to live the experience of buying in local shops, it´s your opportunity to live the real Spain. You will find a butcher shop with excellent quality meat at ELS VAQUERS. In addition, our friend JUAN has a small supermarket 5 min. from the villa, where you will find fruits and vegetables from the local garden and more. If you are looking for an artisan bakery where you can buy freshly baked bread and typical sweets, EL FORN DE SANT JOSEP is a good place 2 minutes from the villa.



The city is normally very busy during warm season. My advice is that you plan and book the activities you want to enjoy, in advance. I offer my guests, some fun with in-house experiences, where fantastic professionals will come to the villa and teach you how to prepare decilious cocktails in the Cocktail MasterClass (not alcoholic for children), to experiment with the aromas and flavors of local wines in a Wine Tasting course. You can also do some other Activities Out-House, like Nautical Experiences, City Bike Tours or Walking Tours, or you may want a Chef to come to the villa to cook for you, etc.

Check the Experiences  HERE

The villa is 3.5 km from Pobla de Farnals beach area. It is not possible to walk to it, but don´t worry, there is a bus stop 100 meters away, just in front of the BAR DORA. You will find good restaurants and bars at the local beach. It is a very familiar and quiet beach, but you have the possibility to do water sports. From july 2020, we will have a bike path from the villa to the beach. I will get some bicycles so you can enjoy it !!

If you like strong sensations, there is a karting circuit 5 minutes away by car. Also, if you are a paddle or tennis fan, you have two options. Padel + or one of the best Tennis and Paddel clubs BERGAMONTE, where you will also find one of the best restaurants in the area.



You are lucky, near the villa you will find bars with incredible homemade tapas and at a local price. My guests love them.

My favorites are BAR DORA (1 min from the villa), where it is a tapas and snack show. For lunch they have a very homemade daily menu for less than € 12 and very good service.Another very tasty and very local option is the BAR AVENIDA (5 min from the villa), the interior of the bar is not very cozy, but it has a large terrace where the neighbors will drink beer and socialize. Tasty homemade tapas and at a spectacular price. I treat very kindly. In front of this bar, is the BAR TARONJA, very cozy and with a very versatile menu for families and friends. Very easy food for the days you don’t feel like cooking. 3 minutes by car (at the moment you can not go by bike), there is one of the best restaurants in all of Valencia for my taste, it is BERGAMONTE. It is a tennis club, with playground for children. It is very quiet. The restaurant is a “barraca”, an old house of Valencian farmers, where you can try traditional rice dishes (baked rice specialty), and the best fish, seafood and meat.
Remember. If the day is beautiful, you can order your takeaway and enjoy by the pool.

#juanhouseadvice    You cannot miss this!! In Valencia we have a meal that we call “Almuerzo”. It is a tradition that comes from the former farm workers, who got up very early to avoid the sunny hours, and when they arrived at 10:00-10:30, they stopped to eat their snack. This tradition has become “a religion”, and now, at that time, all workers, families and friends gather in bars to eat a “bocadillo” shared with olives and peanuts, and enjoy a moment of laughter and pleasant talks. Dora Bar and Avenida Bar, do “Almuerzo” every day. In the city, you will find this tradition around the Central Market.

Remember the meals schedule in Spain. For lunch, you must arrive from 1:45 p.m. and no later than 3:00 p.m. For dinner, you must arrive from 20:30 and no later than 22:00. If you come with a +10 group, it is always better to reserve a table in advance.


Take away options.
In addition to the local tapas bars, where you can have a beer while you wait for your succulent tapas to go, you may one day fancy a wood-fired pizza from DESIG PIZZA (the small size is not very large for a hungry adult) is a delivery and take about 20 min. Another place is TELEPIZZA, they are pizzas like Dominos, and you can find it 50 meters from the villa.


The best coffee.
The best coffee is 50 meters from the house. CAFE DEL TEMPS. Right in the park going out from the villa, to the left. If it’s summer, you can try the amazing homemade ice cream or the traditional horchata, don´t miss it!

Enjoy the local life. Persons in town are nice and helpful. Interact with them respectfully and you will get the best from them.


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