Free Concerts in La Marina

Free outdoor LIVE MUSIC next to the Malvarrosa beach (La Marina Juan Carlos I)

La Marina is an amazing area next to the harbor and Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia. No cars around, perfect for kids and adults. Every year, this event is expanding its program with a cycle of concerts that are played in a singular building called LA PERGOLA, which is a privileged enclave where you can enjoy open-air concerts with free admission on Saturday mornings. The musical selection is very diverse: we can listen to rock, pop, garage, funk, electronic music, jazz and folk music with proposals from the Valencian, state and international scene. A careful poster to make the experience as satisfactory as possible.

Check the schedule and remember: on Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. the Marina de València awaits you with good music and a better atmosphere.

CONCERTS PROGRAM  * Concerts from 11:30 to 14:30 .
Tickets in advance (5 € normal ticket, 3 € under 18 and Free for kids under 3).

A perfect saturday starts here, listening to live music for a couple hours (there is a bar where you can buy drinks), then go and dive into the nice Malvarrosa Beach and take some Sun, but before that, make sure you make a reservation, at least the day before, for lunch between 14:00 – 15.00.

After lunch, specially on weekends, at the MARINA BEACH CLUB, a DJ is starting around 18:00, and lots of people from everywhere in the city are coming to enjoy the party. No dresscode (easygoing clothes and beach clothes allowed).

#juanhouseadvice: TIPS
Get a backpack every 2-3 persons with light towels, light clothes and some little toilet bag to get a bit fresh and ready for the party after lunch. There is a shower in Marina Beach Club and also bathrooms you can use if you want to get ready to rock and roll till late at night (on fridays and saturdays they close at 3:00 am)

#juanhouseadvice: TRANSPORT

  • Metro is an option to go to La MARINA. Stop by BENIMACLET metro station. Go up and take the Tram (ticket again) to EUGENIA VIÑES metro station. Then 10 minute walk to La MARINA JUAN CARLOS I. Check the Metro schedule HERE. Metro Map HERE.
  • Taxis is an option to get to MALVARROSA BEACH, call them and they will pick you up by the villa to take you to the beach in 15 minutes for 25€-30€ per taxi/4persons.
  • More info about Transport in Valencia HERE.
  • Remember, you can also come back to the villa by taxi (around 25€-30€/taxi/4persons).



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