The Falles (Valencian: Falles; Spanish: Fallas) is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia, Spain.
The term Falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments (Falla, singular; Falles, plural) burnt during the celebration.
A number of towns in the Valencian Community have similar celebrations inspired by the original Falles de València celebration.
The Falles festival was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list on 30 November 2016.

Each neighbourhood of the city has an organised group of people, the Casal faller, that works all year long holding fundraising parties and dinners,
usually featuring the noted dish, paella. Each casal faller produces a construction known as a falla which is eventually burnt.
A casal faller is also known as a comissió fallera and currently there are approximately 400 registered in Valencia.

Most of the main fallas and festival is around Ciutat Vella (Old Town), City Center and Russafa.

Be sure you put confortable shoes to walk around.
Things you must do:

  • La MASCLETÁ (Noisy Fireworks at 14.00 every day in Plaza del Ayto).
  • El CASTILLO. Everynight, Color Fireworks around 00.00 around the river bed.
      • Program of Castillos Fallas 2019
        – Viernes 15 de marzo – L’Alba de las Fallas en la Plaza del Ayuntamiento a las 00:00h.
        – Sábado 16 de marzo – Castillo en el Paseo de la Alameda a las 00:00h.
        – Domingo 17 de marzo – Castillo en el Paseo de la Alameda a las 00:00h.
        – Lunes 18 de marzo – Gran Nit del Foc en el Paseo de la Alameda a las 01:30h.
  • CHOCOLATE Y BUNYOLS (traditional sweet in fallas). One good place is EL COLLADO or EL DUQUE.
  • MAIN FALLAS around the city, is a must visit.
  • LAS VERBENAS. A live music or disco in every Falla. Choose one and enjoy.
  • LA OFRENDA. Falleros do a Flower offering to our Virgen de los Desamparados 17th and 18th Plaza la Virgen. Results on 19th in Plaza Virgen.
  • LA CABALGATA DE FUEGO. The fire parade takes place on the afternoon of March 19 through the streets of the center of Valencia.
  • LA CREMÁ. The last event of fallas, the night of 19th. All the fallas are burned.

Restaurants around City Center HERE

Restaurants around Russafa HERE

Restaurants around Ciutat Vella HERE

#juanhouseadvice :

  • Metro is best option to go to the city. Check the Metro schedule HERE. Metro Map HERE.
  • Taxis are a great option during fallas to come back to the villa (around 25€/taxi/4persons).
  • More info about Transport in Valencia HERE.

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