What began as a recreational area of Abd Allah al-Balansi prince, back in the 9th century – which gave it its name – and later, the place where the troops of Jaime I in 1238 began the christian conquest of the city against the arabs. Now, after years of true abandonment and marginality, it has become the focus of all eyes, refuge of artists and designers, paradigm of the modern and alternative, you will find many restaurants and bars to enjoy a nice evening and also a long night out if you are up to.

Not to much to sightsee, but a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, local art and designers stores. Also some 2nd hand clothes shops. Locals go around 18:30 to enjoy the after work beer. Main streets are Cadiz, Sueca, Literato Azorín, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Places To Visit during day.

  • MERCADO DE RUZAFA. Food Market. Only locals. Really nice. The Bar inside has great “bocadillos”.
  • Artists & Designers’ studios and workshops, second hand clothes, libraries, etc.


  • LA PIZARRA. Nice Tapas. Good Quality & Price. Nice Terrace & Service.
  • COPENHAGUEN. VEGETARIAN option. Reference of vegetarian cuisine in Valencia.
  • EL RUS. Easy going sandwiches, lots of locals, always full, almost impossible during Fallas. (€)
  • LA CONSERVERA. Canned food, something different, nice and good. Authentic inside. (€)
  • BLACK TURTLE. Looking for special burguer place? (€)
  • LUCINA TASCA Small but nice terrace next to Mercado de Ruzafa (€). Very local and good price. Tapas.
  • CANALLA BISTRÓ. Valencian chef cooking sophisticated traditional and international dishes. (€€€)
  • RODAMON. Good food and tapas with nice service. (€€)
  • MASUSA. Good food and tapas, nice place. (€€)

First Drinks or Coffee after Dinner.

  • COMIC.

Clubs from 24.00.

  • PLAY
  • OVEN

Going out in Ruzafa from 19.00 till whenever you want.
Take metro to Colon Station. Then 10 min nice walk to Ruzafa neighbourhood.
Book a table 1 day in advance, at around 21.30.
Go to Ruzafa around 19:00 and have a drink in a nice terrace.
21.30 Enjoy Dinner.
23.00 First Drink in CASA PEPE & TRENTATRES terrace or CAFÉ BERLIN

Yo can go home or enjoy the late night places:
From 24.00:

  • Undeground places  in Ruzafa, XTRA LARGE, PLAY for mor indi music, or OVEN for electronic.
  • UPPER CLUB and JAGGER. More fancy places , in Gran Via Maques del Turia. Closes around 3.30 am.

Other optiones:

  •  take a taxi and go to UMBRACLE Terrace or MYA Club in City of Arts & Sciences.

Back to the villa.  Taxi Stop in front of XTRA LARGE club.

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